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We pioneered due diligence based audit reports in 2020 and made easy-to-understand audits the gold standard of DeFi. Since inception we have completed over 1000 audits for popular projects such as BabyDoge and Kodi. Our growth has been fueled by a passion to make cryptocurrency a safer place for those that do not understand complex code.

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You don't become one of the top Auditing Services by chance.
Over 1000 Projects have trusted us since 2020 with their audit, Why?


Our audit reports are delivered within 3 days. We understand how fast crypto moves and that you have roadmap goals to hit. Faster options available upon request.

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We've aimed ourselves to be the audit you complete before Certik. Why? So you don't waste tens of thousands of dollars on simple issues you could have fixed.

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We set timelines and stick to them. We're also serious about your anonimity and data. Your audit report will only be released when you say so.

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Why Dessert Finance
Whats with the Cupcake?

Why not? While we pride ourselves in acting with the utmost professionalism. We didn't feel the need to name our company with the typical "cybersecurity" words. We let our work prove our knowledge and skills.

Besides...Who doesn't love cupcakes?

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Please use the buttons to request an audit via telegram or email. You can contact us directly on telegram @dessertswap or email us: dessertswap@gmail.com

The only representatives allowed to collect payment via telegram are @dessertfinance and @dessertauditor. Avoid scams and please make sure you are speaking with the correct people.